joinEat with us! We always welcome volunteers in the kitchen and at any of the events we help out with. Whether you’re a well versed foodie, an avid gardener, new to the movement or just hungry for fresh, affordable meals, we would love to hear your story.

Family Dinner Night
Family Dinner Nights are held at the Crossing every Monday at 6:30 p.m. We’re always looking for volunteers to help set up, cook, and clean up. The first three people to sign up for clean up will be reimbursed for their meal. Check out the FDN page for information on becoming a guest chef.

Slow Food Cafe sells lunch to the public every Wednesday from 11:30-2pm. Volunteers deliver food to customers or help serve drinks. Volunteers also receive a complimentary Cafe entree after volunteering for +1.5 hours.

Family Voices
Family Voices is a mentoring program for kids around the ages of 7-14 that takes place at the Boys and Girls Club every Saturday. Volunteers leave for the Boys and Girls Club at 9:45am (transportation can usually be arranged…) to begin the cooking. Family Voices participants come into the kitchen to help sporadically throughout the morning, and everyone eats together (including volunteers) at 12:00pm. After clean up, arrival back on campus is usually around 1:15pm.

Teen Cooking Night with the Boys and Girls Club
Teen cooking night at the Boys and Girls Club is a great way to spend some time off campus cooking and working with some really cool kids. We head out from The Crossing around 5:30 pm on Wednesdays, start cooking around 6:00 and usually make it back to campus around 8:00.