Get to know the Slow Food Interns!

OK, we admit it…we get REALLY excited about food!! Lucky for us, Madison has been experiencing a food renaissance in the last several years! The food culture here is vast and sophisticated, and our SlowFood UW team loves experiencing quality cuisine!

As you can imagine, our tastes are quite varied, but we have narrowed our “favorites” list as much as possible!

Slow Food UW’s Favorite Restaurants:

1. Ha Long Bay.

2. Graze.

3. Lao Laan-Xang

4. Green Owl

5. A Pig in a Fur Coat

6. Marigold Kitchen

7. Lazy Jane’s Cafe and Bakery

8. Natt Spil

9. Alchemy

10. Umami

11. Sardine

12. La Brioche

13. Fresco

14. Osteria Papavero

Needless to say, there are way to many amazing restaurants in Madison to sufficiently give credit to them all! These are the ones that have made enough of an impact in our lives to make them worthy of our “Favorites” list. We recommend you take the time to try any or all of these at some point!! Hopefully these restaurants will make you as excited about food as we are.