Slow Food UW is driven by the dedication of UW students volunteering to help promote “good, clean and fair food for all”, and depends on both the campus and Madison communities to create dialogues and bridge cultural differences by using food as a universal experience. We work hard to make local, community-conscious foods accessible and delicious!

Slow Food UW is a campus chapter of the international Slow Food movement promoting “good, clean and fair food for all”.

Slow Food was founded in Italy in 1989 by Carlo Petrini to combat the rise of “fast food” and reconnect people to traditional, regional cuisine. Over the years, the organization has evolved to showcase the connections between food, culture, politics and environment. As is stated in the Slow Food Manifesto, “Slow Food assures us of a better quality lifestyle. With a snail purposely chosen as its patron and symbol, it is an idea and a way of life that needs much sure but steady support.” One of the first, Slow Food UW was founded in 2007 by Genya Erling as a way to bring local foods from Southern Wisconsin farmers to the campus. The small group of students who spent their days cooking and enjoying local food together are the pioneers of our current organization.

Today, Slow Food UW runs five projects with 42 student interns, with help from our dedicated volunteers and supportive community members. Check out our projects page to learn more! All the interns involved want to share their stories behind the food that nourishes their life through a variety of activities. The different projects are all focused on working with food as a vehicle for social change and as a way to build a stronger community. The students work to promote cultural, environmental and economic aspects of food. Beyond SFUW the greater ideals of Slow Food are to working against all things that are associated with fast food while looking to develop good, clean, fair food for all that is at a reasonable and affordable price. We encourage you to explore this site and find whatever area you are most passionate about. The best way to learn about our organization is through volunteer work. Join whichever project sounds interesting to you and sample the good, clean, fair food. Many of the Slow Food UW events are held at The Crossing, on the corner of (1127) University and Charter street at the heart of the University of Wisconsin campus. The kitchen and dining hall of SFUW events are found in the lower level of The Crossing and parking is always limited. We open our doors to all interested and even though our events reside in a campus ministry we are in no way religiously affiliated with The Crossing.

Leadership Team

Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote affordable access to good, clean, and fair food by engaging our community in a food system that is socially, economically, and environmentally just.

Vision Statement

  • Develop a deeper understanding amongst the community of the Slow Food movement’s core values.
  • Connect future generations with a positive food experience.
  • Create a safe, inclusive, and anti-oppressive space where each person is free to connect with their food, themselves, and the community in a way that they need.
  • Provide food options that nourish a variety of dietary needs.
  • Present food as a transformative and interconnected process instead of a mere commodity.
  • Build and strengthen relationships with student and community organizations.
  • Foster relationships with food producers who are aligned with our mission.
  • Create and maintain a leadership structure that is accountable and responsible to those involved in our organization as a whole and to the slow food community at large.
  • Provide an alternative educational space where people can develop consciousness and build life skills.
  • Further encourage engagement in our community through development and integration of our membership program.


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