The SFUW Cafe is a student run, not for profit weekly cafe held every Wednesday from 11:30-2pm at the Crossing, 1127 University Avenue. We operate at the caliber of any other food establishment while having limited hours. We strive to offer locally sourced, sustainable food on the University of Wisconsin Madison campus for very affordable and transparent prices. Meals typically cost between $5 and $8.

The SFUW Cafe was born Spring of 2011 and stemmed from the Family Dinner Nights. We wanted to work as a collective and offer unique lunches to the Madison campus and community.

Our goal is for customers and volunteers to learn about the people and places we get our food from and to discover the positive community impact of a cafe where students prepare fresh food using ingredients from farmers in south central Wisconsin.

Since we are student run and function as a non-profit we are always looking for volunteers to help with Tuesday prep and Wednesday service. If you are interested email cafe director Claire Jones at

If you’d like to contact one of our interns, you can find more information here.

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