Outreach Interns

Outreach Director:

Paige Kelly | pmkelly3@wisc.edu


Paige is a senior double majoring in Agronomy and Rural Sociology. Paige’s interest in clean fair food is what initially drew her to Slow Food UW. Working as part of the café team since her sophomore year, and now as outreach director has allowed her to express her love of all things food – growing, cooking, eating and talking about food. Holding true to the belief that “Eating is an agricultural act”, Slow Food UW has allowed Paige to pursue environmental, economic and social justice.


Project Integration Intern:

Naomi Segal | nsegal@wisc.edu


Naomi Segal is the project integration intern for Slow Food UW. This is her first semester as a slow food team and she loves every moment of it. Naomi first was introduced to Slow Food last semester and fell in love instantly. Naomi is double majoring in International Studies and Jewish Studies. When Naomi is not working on projects for Slow Food, she can usually be found at Hillel working on various projects. Naomi’s favorite things to do in Madison is going to the farmer’s markets on Saturdays or sit by the lake with good friends. Naomi is excited to create programs and organize events for all of the awesome Slow Food interns this semester. You can reach Naomi at nsegal@wisc.edu.


Dinner & Funds Intern

Andy Jack | ajack@wisc.edu


Andy Jack is a senior studying dietetics at UW. He is returning as a cook for Slow Food Café for his second year. He currently runs an independent catering business and writes for his website Cookfree.net. His favorite pastimes include making the SFUW kitchen smoky, boiling vinegar, and meat.


Cook-to-Connect Interns:

Colin Terwelp | terwelp@wisc.edu


Colin is a Management and Entrepreneurship major in his senior and final year here in Madison. Living in the farm-rich state of Vermont for the past 3 years, Slow Food has been the perfect outlet for his interest in farm-to-table dining. Over the summer he worked with Underground Food Collective and at Grampa’s Pizzeria, opening him to new perspective of ingredients, cooking, and food as a whole. He is very excited to be a part of the inaugural semester of Cook-to-Connect and can’t wait to start leading workshops.


Nathan Allman | nallman@wisc.edu

Nathan Allman is a cook-to-connect intern in the outreach program, and this is his first semester with Slow Food. He is a junior double majoring in Finance and Marketing, but is also considering a certificate in Environmental Studies. His passion for food stems from growing up in a family of restaurant owners and working in the kitchen from the time he was in grade school. He is also the founder of Chefs For Seniors LLC, a meal service for senior citizens in the Madison area who struggle to grocery shop and prepare meals for themselves. While he has knowledge and experience in preparing food, he is excited to learn more about food sustainability and the importance of knowing where your food comes from. When he isn’t cooking or working on growing his business, Nathan enjoys running, biking, and homebrewing beers.


Cyan Zhong | xzhong8@wisc.edu


Cyan Zhong is a freshman at UW-Madison and is planning to major in journalism. She is a motivated foodie who wants to improve cross-cultural communication about food, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. As a new outreach intern for the Cook-to-Connect program, Cyan is in charge of hosting workshops about culinary arts and world culture. She is very interested in food science and genetic technology and is concerned about the quality of food production in the industrialized setting. She joined Slow Food UW because of her philosophy of against junk and fast food. She is an advocate of healthy eating and tries to stick to a vegetarian diet. In the future, Cyan hopes to become a food blogger and volunteer on an organic vegetable and fruit farm.


Dormant Chef Interns:

Katherine Helbig | helbig@wisc.edu


Katherine is a sophomore studying dietetics and life science communications. Her passion for learning about and preparing food is what initially attracted her to Slow Food. Since she began volunteering her freshman year, she has become more interested in the cultural and environmental implications of what we eat. As a Dormant Chef Program intern, she is looking forward to sharing Slow Food’s ideals as well her passions with other UW students.


Recipes for Change Intern:

Holly Henriksen | henriksen@wisc.edu


Holly is a junior majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Environmental Studies with a certificate in African Studies. She wants to use Recipes for Change as a tool for social awareness through collective dialogue over delicious meals! She’s all about kale, loves endurance sports (yes, really!) and is pretty much the female reincarnation of Bear Grylls. She’s super excited to be a part of the Outreach team and the Slow Food UW organization, and can’t wait to see you at the next Recipe’s for Change!