A rare moment of silence fills the basement of The Crossing each Monday night as the dinner menu is announced to the hungry campus and community members gathered to share a three-course meal. Slow Food UW collaborates with featured guests to host the $5 dinner that showcases different cuisines and the versatility of homegrown Wisconsin foods.

We began Family Dinner Night by having monthly events where we all shared the cost of ingredients, cooked as a group and expanding with introducing guest chefs from Madison’s restaurants. The meals created were then shared with the guest and community members in attendance. By the spring of 2009, we began serving every other Monday, and in the Fall of 2009 we began serving dinner weekly. Today we serve the Monday night dinner each week during the school year and have a cut off around 100 people. The Slow Food UW list serve sends out a Square sign-up link, which is used as a way for people to sign up and prepay. We also accept walk-ins on an available capacity basis. If you wish to be added to the list serve, please let us know.

Join us at 1127 University Avenue (and Charter) every Monday at 6:30pm. Walk in at 6:15 for the $5 dinner or pre-order to reserve your spot.

See this week’s menu.

Anyone is welcome to come and help set up, cook and break down. The first three people to sign up for clean up will be reimbursed for their meal. We also encourage anyone to become a guest chef. The Family Dinner Night interns work with student organizations, local Madison chefs, students, staff and faculty to provide a different experience each week.