Preparing for #UWRightNow


This past year the University of Wisconsin Madison took advantage of the growing popularity behind social media. The master minds of our leading academic social media accounts decided to take one day and look at how badgers are spending their time. The online event is a 24-hour collection of what people are doing around campus, or far away, in the name of Wisconsin. The day lands on a Wednesday and this year we are eager to share the story behind our Slow Food UW Cafe with the whole campus.

You can help us by doing exactly what you always do, come on in and eat.

We ask you to get witty with words, snap some pictures about your experience or plain and simply give us your snail of approval, over the world wide web.

You can share whatever you want… The fact that our line is a real hassle come 12:15pm or the dirty plate that is a haunting reminder that you are now 7 days away from scarfing down your next SFUW Cafe meal. Be honest, have fun!

Then share it with the rest of the world, by using the hashtag, #UWRightNow. Post to Twitter, Vine or Instagram. Get crafty and make a collage or video and upload it to YouTube or even compose a love letter and send it via email (snail mail of the 21st century).

BUT, make sure to use the hashtag #UWRightNow and it can be included in the thousands of experiences being shared by your fellow hungry badgers. 

It’s a great way to connect with your current dwelling, or beloved alma mater, all while supporting your favorite student run, crafty hodgepodge of a lunch spot.

We love you guys, we love our food and we love being badgers. Help us share the love! 


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